Know and Unknown facts of Nagpur – 1

On the first day of 2018 i.e. 1st January 2018 i started writing blog posts Know Your Nagpur on every monday. Today on the last day, last monday of the year im posting 53rd blog post. When I started writing I never knew i can write 53 blogs and complete one year without skipping any Monday.
In the journey of one year i have evolved as a person as a nagpur lover as a learner and i have came across so many unknown, untold, unheared information about Nagpur which has made me love and explore Nagpur more.
Im really very thankful to all my guides and teachers, my sources and books, my family and friends for helping me search and share so much about Nagpur.
A big thank you to all the followers of Know Your Nagpur and Architectural Sankul for your trust and support.
It because of all of you that i could Write for 53 week and hope to get that support, guidence and love to keep writing and keep sharing about Nagpur.

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