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Heritage Walk – शृंखला – ए – महल भाग – २

Architectural Sankul conducted Mahal’s Heritage Walk on 5th January 2020

Architectural Sankul – Heritage Wing -Sanskriti had recently organised Shrrnkhale -e- Mahal – Bhaag- 2-, a heritage walk series in Mahal locality of Nagpur city. This walk was conducted in association with Maharaja of Nagpur Trust. More than 80 persons enthusiastically participants in this walk.

Dr. Madhura Rathod welcomed the participants and briefed about Architectural Sankul, its vision and mission. The heritage walks and visits are organised by this organisation for spreading the knowledge about the rich architectural heritage of Vidarbha region. The walk was graced by the presence of Dr. Raje Mudhoji Bhonsle (Maharaja of Nagpur), Shrimant Yuvraj Jaisingh Raje Bhonsle, Rajkimari Mrunalini Raje Bhonsle, Mr. Mohan Nahatkar (Secretary, Shri Rajendra High School), and Adv. Natvarji Trivedi.

The walk started from the Shukrawari Gate and proceeded to the Kothi, Trivedi wada, Rukmini Temple complex and terminated at Senior Bhonsle wada.. The heritage walk was well articulated with the stories for all these places by Architect Nitika Ramani. Her emphasis was on sharing the socio-cultural background, history and its linkage with 1817 war of Sitabuldi.

The participants saw the Kothi (Now Shri Rajendra High school) from inside. The Rukmini temple complex was explicitly discussed with the participants for its design, architectural elements, intrinsic sculptures and their importance in establishing the history of Nagpur. The Trivedi wada came out to be surprise for the participants hidden behind rows of shops. At senior Bhonsle wada the ambience was experienced in depth with its fabulous aesthetic, spaces, Deogarh area, and participants got a rare opportunity to see the Bhonsle weapons.

Participants appreciated the heritage walk and the efforts of Architectural Sankul and it was a successful event for the Nagpurians.

Heritage Walk – शृंखला – ए – महल भाग – २

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Heritage Walk – शृंखला – ए – महल भाग – २ organised by Architectural Sankul and Maharaja of Nagpur Trust at Mahal, Nagpur held on 05th January 2020, Sunday.

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PIADS Heritage workshop : Day 2

ARCHITECTURAL SANKUL (AS) – Heritage Wing: SANSKRITI conducted a three days Heritage Workshop, from 09.12.19 to 11.12.19 at Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture & Design Studies (PIADS), Nagpur. Ar. Nitika S. Ramani, Co-founder conducted the workshop under the guidance of Dr. Madhura Rathod, Co-founder. The aim of the workshop was to sensitize students about heritage of Nagpur and approaches of heritage documentation. The focus was on detail heritage documentation of Shiv Mandir premises, Indulibagh, Nagpur.

30 B.Arch. students of 2nd and 3rd year participated in the workshop.

Ar. Rashmi Dande and Ar. Aparna Tarar were the coordinators of the workshop from PIADS.

Day 2

Day 2 started with a heritage walk of Indulibagh. The Indulibagh heritage zone holds a Shiv temple complex, Hanuman temple, small shiv and hanuman temple, baoli and parkot. The History was narrated by Ar. Nitika S. Ramani and Mr. Atharva Shivankar, the importance of this heritage zone was explained in detail to students.

After the heritage walk students worked in 8 groups on different parts of temple precient and documented using all the techniques learnt on previous day.

Heritage visit to Masonic Lodge for Jhulelal Institute of Architecture

Architectural Sankul’s Heritage visit to Masonic Lodge for Jhulelal Institute of Architecture

Recently Architectural Sankul conducted a Heritage Visit to Masonic Lodge for Jhulelal Institute of Architecture. Total 80 students along with their faculty excitedly participated in this heritage visit.
Dr. Madhura Rathod and Ar. Nitika Ramani welcomed Senior Practicing architect and professor Architect Ramesh Bhambani. Architect Bhambani is the ex- headmason of Freemason’s Hall. He has dedicated himself to preserve and maintain Masonic Lodge with his architectural skills and potentials. His immense experience in the profession has retained Masonic Hall as we see it today.

Architect Bhambhani explained the origin, philosophy, purpose, and working style of Masonic Lodge.
He discussed the building materials, their characteristics behaviour and the production of lime and its applicability in structures of earlier ages.

He explicitly discussed the Masonic Lodge temple philosophy. Students clarified their queries and gave the feedback that they were very happy to know that there exists a centre that enriches the career of the Masons’, structural engineers, civil engineers, architects, and civilians professionally as a person spiritually and mentally.

Architectural sankul hopes to conduct such visits for enhancing students knowledge.

Heritage Visit to India Peace Centre, Nagpur

On 24th August 2019 Architectural Sankul had organised a visit for Nagpurians to INDIA PEACE CENTRE, Civil lines, Nagpur. More than 75 participants actively participated in the visit.
Dr. Madhura Rathod and Ar. Nitika Ramani, Directors of Architectural Sankul, welcomed Dr. kasta Dip, Director of India Peace Centre. He explained about the aim and objectives with which the centre works. He highlighted on the systems and strategies adopted by the centre to spread ‘Peace’ at Global level.

Dr. Kasta also shared about the opportunities for the students and citizens to use this platform for global peace activities to be conducted and the programs for national and international students.

Dr. Madhura Rathod and Ar. Nitika Ramani elaborated on the design ideas adopted with respect to the philosophy that helped to evolve spaces and architectural features in the existing structure.
They explained the Architect’s approach for the occupants to experience the ambience.

Heritage Visit to India Peace Centre, Nagpur

Thank you for Participating in Architectural Sankul’s Heritage wings, heritage visit to India Peace Centre, Nagpur
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Heritage Visit to ASI, Nagpur

On 17th August, Saturday, Architectural Sankul conducted a visit for Nagpurians to Archaeological Survey of India building,Seminary Hills, Nagpur.
The visit was arranged with an objective to let the public know about versatile working details being conducted by ASI.

Participants from different walks of life,age, and profession interestingly joined for this visit.

Dr. Madhura Rathod and Architect Nitika Ramani, Principal Directors from Architectural Sankul started the visit with brief introduction of ASI -fraternity that serves the society in an unique way. Mr. KRK Reddy, Superintending Archeologist Nagpur Circle, Mr. Ashok kumar kurmi , deputy superintending Archaeologist Nagpur Circle, and Dr.Shilpa Rangari volunteered the visit. They took the participants to explain the working strategies and styles of ASI for different departments.
Dr. Kurmi explicitly described the methods, processes and the patience that contributes to the working of excavation branch, prehistory department, Nagpur circle and epigraph. He also explained the role of other fraternities that helps ASI.
Specially explaining the temple study zone where architecture students contribute for documentation, and research.

Dr. Shilpa Rangari gave a presentation on ASIs working at state, National and International level. The program was winded up by short documentary on Lonar and the exhibition of antiquities.
Architectural sankul thanked the participants and the ASI Authority for their supporting to organize this visit.

Heritage Visit to ASI, Nagpur

Thank you for Participating in Architectural Sankul’s Heritage wings, heritage visit to ASI, Nagpur
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Heritage Visit to Divekar’s Puratan Vastu Sangrahalaya, Nagpur


In collaboration with INTACH Nagpur Chapter ‘RELIVE THE PAST’

23rd June 2019,Sunday

Divekar’s Puratan Vastu Sangrahalaya – Home Museum, Trimurti Nagar, Nagpur

After the series of events conducted till date by Architectural Sankul, the most exciting heritage visit with a theme- ‘Relive the Past’ was conducted on 23rd June 2019, Sunday in collaboration with INTACH Nagpur Chapter. This is Architectural Sankul’s 15th exposure to Heritage site.

At the museum, Architect Madhura Rathod and Architect Nitika Ramani, shaded light on museum’s history and the importance of such museums for future generations to experience the past at a glance. Due to overwhelming response for registration, the entry was restricted to 60 visitors’ and they were divided into two batches.

The Divekar’s Puratan Vastu Sangrahalaya- A Home Museum, is located at Trimurti Nagar, Nagpur. Mr. Divekar has affectionately and dedicatedly collected many items and has systematically arranged them in his museum. It includes types of coins, currency notes, clocks, chandelier glasses, variety of clocks, locks, ancient cooking ranges, household accessories, swords, and cameras.
Among all these items, the main attraction at the museum was the Gramophone that still works, Sword of Shrimant Janoji Raje Bhonsale, and the ‘Peshwai Baithak’ (Peshwai sitting arrangement). The intrinsic carvings on the doors, storage units and Peshwai Baithak are outstanding.

Visitors’ experienced the charm of these items that still speaks load about its past. In the feedback, visitors congratulated and appreciated the organization’s efforts. Architectural Sankul is thankful for the overwhelming response, and encouraging feedbacks from Nagpurians’.

Heritage Visit to Divekar’s Puratan Vastu Sangrahalaya, Nagpur

Thank you participating in Heritage Visit to Divekar’s Puratan Vastu Sangrahalaya, Nagpur