About Architectural Sankul

Architectural Sankul was established in the year 2017 to sensitize the public about varied aspects related to the architectural fraternity.

Established by Dr. Madhura Rathod, Architectural Sankul has now grown with seven interdisciplinary wings named Sapta Sankul.

To shape the company’s profile Architectural Sankul strives to contribute to the great ocean of education, self-exploration, and contribution to heritage conservatio

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About Founders

Architectural Sankul is more of a passion project hub rather than an organization.

The desire to spread heritage awareness, promote the need to conserve, preserve, restore, and above all, an intention to protect the legacy for generations to come is the motto for which it strives. In short, it is a generous attempt to give back to society in the best possible way.

A couple of years after its establishment, Architectural Sankul came up with seven wings to segregate the projects under varied domains. These domains are collectively referred to as ‘Sapta-Sankul’.

Meet our Founder


Dr. Madhura Rathod

B.Arch, M.Arch (Architecture Education), Ph.D (Architecture)

Proprietor, Architectural Sankul
Associate Professor, S.M.M.C.A.Nagpur
Governing Council Member, INTACH, New Delhi
ConvenorINTACH Nagpur Chapter
Principal Architect, Varnan Space Planners

Explore the unexplored, and known to the unknown!

Architectural Sankul is an organization that facilitates multiple architectural services.

Architectural Sankul has seven wings formulated for varied activities being conducted to be segregated.

We have dedicated team members working passionately for safeguarding the heritage.

Efforts are taken to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

With the positive aim to contribute towards societal upliftment, events and programs are organized frequently

We are associated with experts from different fraternities.

Architectural Sankul is a facilitator for creative minds. It creates platforms for enthusiastic, budding writers, photographers, etc.

Architectural Sankul believes in heritage listing, documenting, and publishing, the quantum of quality and authentic information for the public-at-large.

Architectural Sankul keeps updating you all by exploring the unexplored

Our Associates


Architectural Sankul has been fortunate to get collaborated with many reputed organizations, NGOs, and agencies. It helped us to make connections and form alliances. It also enhanced our skill sets, perspectives, and learning opportunities. These collaborations boosted us in exploring new viewpoints to achieve the fruitful outcome set out to be accomplished.
What we experienced to date Is that collaboration doesn’t necessarily require a significant time or financial investment if you think creatively. The helping hands and supporters are always there for us when we intend to fetch help honestly.
Some of our close associates are:

Maharaja of Nagpur trust

INTACH Nagpur Chapter

INTACH Nagpur chapter

ASI – Nagpur circle

Central Museum of Nagpur

India Peace Centre Nagpur


Varnan Space Planners